Website Hits Vs. Website Visit

Counting the number of hits each day, many website owners often presume that their site is getting a good number of visitors. This happens by not taking into consideration the vast difference between website hits and website visits. Though both these terms are related to website traffic, there is a huge difference between the two. Knowing this difference is essential since this confusion might mislead you to a great extent regarding your website’s online promotion or the success of your online business.

Website Hits

Every time a file is requested from your web server by a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer, it is recorded as a website hit. The file requested can be anything from an image to a banner advertisement to the page of a text or a part of JavaScript.

Most web pages consist of many files. For example, the page opened before you may have been produced from an HTML file, along with some other files that contain side menu, copyright message, and graphic file, and so on. So, when the Internet user visits this page, several other website hits are produced by him/her.

Website Hits and Visits

On the flip side of website hit is the term ‘visit.’ This is basically the number of times your website has been actually clicked by different users and have been browsed by them, irrespective of the number of files that have been downloaded during that browsing session. So, when you visit a page, it counts to only one visit to the site owner’s weblogs. This is the reason why the number of website hits amounts to be more than visits.

While one can consider the figures of hits on the site as the figures for website visits, this is, unfortunately, a misleading figure. The right way to measure website traffic or to recognize the personal impact or trends of a website is to track down the number of visits received by that site. On the other hand, when you are looking forward to high activity numbers or marketing, website hits should be the criterion kept for consideration.

Artificial inflation

Artificial inflation is another major difference that can be cited between website hits and visits. Hits can be increased anytime by the website owner by adding a few more graphics, pages, or texts to his/her website since it depends on the manner your website has been designed. But this doesn’t stand true in the case of visits, as there is no artificial way to increase the number of visits to your site, apart from using white hat SEO techniques.

A unique visitor is one who visits your site more than once a day, and a repeat visitor is the one who visits the website a second time, irrespective of the time gap in between.

This record is maintained based on the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the visitor. While the number of website hits is not of much importance, tracking the number of visitors and figuring out whether they are unique visitors or repeat visitors is of great help since it assists website owners in analyzing the users’ trends, i.e., the way they browse the website. This helps the website owner arrange the content accordingly to ensure more visits in the future.

If you want to know the right number of people who actually view your site and figure out your website’s popularity, it is always the visits and not the website hits that you should count upon.