Video Marketing Services for Business

Videos are one of the best ways to quickly get a message to your audience and has become one of the most important mediums of communication. With a simple but visually dynamic video, in 30 seconds or less, you can get the information your customer needs about your business, products, services, or cause. Video content remains in our memories longer than other forms of communication because it stimulates many more of our senses. Our video marketing services will help you design the right strategy to expand your reach and create a lasting memorable experience for your customers.

Video Advertising Statistics

  • Marketing experts tell us that videos convert potential customers into buyers over 70% more than other mediums.
  • People will spend 88% more time on your website if you place a video on your pages.
  • Customers are 64% more inclined to buy a product or service after viewing a video about it.
  • Just using “video” in the subject line of your email will reduce unsubscribes by 26%, increase click-throughs by 65%, and increase email opens by 19%.
  • In a 2014 study, there was a 43% growth in video engagement, and three-fifths of these were watching videos on a mobile device.
  • This same study found that YouTube is the #1 site for viewing videos, attracting over 800 million unique visitors each month. It’s also the second-largest site on the internet.
  • The UK did a study that showed that online video is much more engaging than introductory text.
  • The UK study also found that 39% of those surveyed would share the video on their social platforms, 56% will “Like,” and 36% will comment on a video more than straight text.
  • Another study shows that 64% of marketing budgets are shifting to video, and companies are spending more, mainly if they are focusing on millennials.

As you can see, a video has become an essential medium for attracting and converting new consumers and expanding awareness of your brand.

Video SEO Marketing

For typical business owners marketing online, your website is the “money site” – the place you want all your potential customers to end up and ultimately convert to buyers. You can view video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and others like the planets that orbit your site and influence how well your site ranks in searches. If done correctly, the videos you produce can positively impact your money site’s SEO.

How We Plug SEO Power into Your Money Site

As part of our video marketing service, some of what we do when uploading your video to YouTube include writing a 650-word description of the video content. This text is unique, meaning it hasn’t been duplicated from any other online source. Also, we take the main keyword used in your website’s home page content and sprinkle it within the description text a couple of times. The description is looked at by Google as a web page, so it affects relevancy, which, in turn, influences ranking.

Above the description text, we put your full website URL, company name, and phone number. Because only the first couple lines of the description are visible, we want people to see your company info right away. Equally important, by including the URL, we created a backlink to your website. Backlinks are one of the essential elements of SEO/SEM.

Additionally, we write the title of your video, adding the same primary keyword mentioned earlier, and then put a couple of hashtags related to the video subject at the bottom. Finally, we add your business’s geolocation in the advanced settings.

We employ other “tricks” to get more viewing and ranking traction for your video, but I won’t mention them here.

To see an example of how we ranked two videos we produced for one of our clients, do a Google search for social wifi in Minnesota. Last we checked, these two videos ranked #2 and #3 in the organic search results. Our client’s website is ranking #1. Almost the entire first-page results are dominated by Minnesota Social wifi pages, all of which we were responsible for building and doing the SEO.

Strategies in Our Video Marketing Services

As mentioned, videos have a massive impact in many areas, including lead generation, conversion, website visitors, and SEO. Below, we discuss some of our video marketing techniques.

We Create Your Business Video Channel

There are many video platforms available. Some of them have become useful for more specific types of marketing. Those are discussed further down. What we’ll talk about here is your business YouTube channel.

Our video marketing services include setting up your YouTube account if you don’t have one already. We also create your own Youtube channel. This is where all your company-created videos will go. Having your channel builds trust and credibility. It also gives you a more personal connection to your audience. Additionally, we build more traffic by adding your YouTube channel link to your site’s social icons.

We Tell a Your Story with a Series of Videos

Depending on your product or service and the demographics you’re targeting, you may want to produce a series of short videos that lead the viewer through a story that you tell. It could be about how your company was formed, or how you discovered, developed, and built your product, or perhaps a story of how and why services became so successful.

We think of this video series as a campaign where one video is released each week. The campaign could culminate in a new product launch or big company event. Telling a story in this way adds consistency to your video marketing plan and keeps your brand fresh in the minds of your viewers.

We Get Your Customers to Tell Their Stories

Videos featuring your customers create a stronger personal connection than watching will more likely respond to the content more than videos about your company or product features.

One of our clients was marketing a product for migraine headaches and wanted us to create a video to get viewers inspired enough to click on their landing page. We decided to create two short videos: One featuring a few of their customers and the second only about the product and features. We could only get phone recordings of their experiences but put pictures and movement to the audio, which created a homegrown personal feel. Guess which video got more views? About 70% of the combined viewing audience watched the testimonials video compared to 30% for the product features video.

However, it was difficult to determine the direct impact these videos had on website visits and sales because Google Analytics can’t track those who watched a video then visited the website 30 or more days later. The facts remain: Testimonials do work and will help sell your products or services.

We Produce Short Videos as part of our video marketing services campaign

Longer content forms are not as popular, especially for videos, due to social media’s rise. Your message needs to be short but comprehensive and easily understood.

Instagram only allows videos up to one minute in length. Vine (Twitter) allows only six-second looping videos. This micro-video format makes it easy for users to view your embedded video message on these social feeds. It also makes it imperative you get the right message out in a hurry and in a way that gets them interested enough to click on your website, share with others, or at least remember your brand.

Studies show that you have about 10 seconds to hook your viewers. Ideally, your videos shouldn’t be longer than two minutes long. 15-second videos will be shared more often than longer ones. Also, Shorter videos tend to go viral more often than longer ones.

We Produce Tips and Tricks Videos

A great way to connect with your customers is by creating a series of videos on how to use your products. You can also post videos about what a service call will be like when making an appointment. You may also want to produce clips about the industry you’re in.

These can help build your credibility as an expert, which boosts trust and authority – both are metrics used in determining search rankings. Posting tutorial videos also keeps people returning and increases the likelihood of website visits and sales.

We Include a Call to Action

Every video should have the next step to do after watching. Sometimes we put the website address and/or phone at the bottom during the entire video. Or, for longer videos, we’ll place the contact information at the end for several seconds, giving the viewer enough time to write it down. This method works well if you don’t plan to embed the video on your website.

If you intend to embed the video on your website, a good CTA would be to put a coupon code for an exclusive discount on your product or service. We tell your viewers to mention the code in your store or when checking out on your website. This is a great way to generate interest, spread the conversation about your brand, and make it easy to track your videos’ impact on sales.

Which Video Sharing Websites Should You Upload To?

The sites below are the most popular video sharing sites for on-demand viewing as of 5/2016. Many of these are free and can play videos on any device. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each:


Unsurprisingly, YouTube is at the summit of all video sites. More than one billion people have uploaded videos at an estimated rate of 500 hours every minute. CMI (Content Marketing Institute) tells us that 82% of all B2C marketers surveyed use YouTube for social media, but only 53% think it’s an effective platform. Among B2B marketers, 74% use YouTube for social media, and only 51% feel effective.

With that said, Blendtec created a series of YouTube videos called “Will it Blend?”, which increased sales of their blender by 700%. Then, we have the story of the Rokenbok toy company. Their website had more visits from their YouTube channel than any other source within only three years. But these successes are not as common as some may think.

Generally, most people don’t go to YouTube to search for a product or service. They search on Google. Suppose your videos are ranking at the top of search results along with your actual website. In that case, people may tend to click on your website more often than your video because there’s a lot more information available on your website, and that’s where they can buy from. If they’re on YouTube, do a search and come across your video, they may watch it and then click on the link to your website for more info/purchase.

Facebook Video as part of video marketing services campaign

If you have a Facebook account, no doubt you’ve seen several videos appearing in your feed daily. Some of these are shared by friends, and others are advertisements targeting the demographic you fall into based on your profile. It’s arguably the most comprehensive video platform behind YouTube, but current trends show it may overtake this giant in coming years. The combined total of video views per day is around eight billion.

Uploading your video to Facebook through an ad campaign or to your timeline is an excellent way to generate interest in your product or service, create awareness of your brand and convert viewers with your CTA.


This is an excellent platform for posting longer films, content with episodes, and quality creative films. There are three yearly subscription fee options to get the storage needed to post the video content you need for conversion and analytics. The player has a classier look, giving a more professional impression for embedded videos on your site.


This platform doesn’t seem to cater to marketing your products or services but does have powerful analytics if you’re a video creator. I’m not too fond of the platform because nearly all videos I started viewing, even if they were only 30 seconds long, had an up to 52-second video advertisement play before the real content that I couldn’t skip through. I ended up clicking out of those videos in frustration. If we were allowed to skip these ads, I would be more inclined to use this platform. I also found the videos take much longer to load than other platforms. For these reasons, I don’t recommend this platform for any use.


This is the Twitter-owned video platform with a six-second maximum length for your videos. As mentioned earlier, if you do it right, you can make a significant impact in a little time. While this enables users to consume content quickly, there’s no way to monetize your content as other platforms can directly. It’s great for beginning conversations, though. In 2015, Vine was streaming 1.5 billion loops a day.

Instagram Video

Facebook owns Instagram and, since 2012, has introduced video. There are over 400 million users. It integrates well with Facebook, so if you advertise on Facebook, your ads can appear on Instagram and give you a considerable boost in coverage among this user base.

Further, this is a good platform for the clothing industry or similar retail brands that target young adults of all ethnicities. Remember, Instagram’s hallmarks are images. So videos should contain a lot of them.


This platform is right for up-to-the-minute updates or other timely information. Because your pictures or videos disappear after a maximum of 10 seconds, they give the user a need to act immediately on what they’re viewing.

According to Nielsen Media Impact, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18 to 34-year-olds nationally compared to only 6% with regular TV. And, over 100 million people use this platform daily. Instead of creating memories with your friends, you’re engaging in conversations.

With the introduction of “Stories,” you can now create a series of “Snaps” that play in chronological order and expire after 24 hours. There’s also “Snap Ads” that allow users to view your video then interact directly with your mobile website. This has resulted in a five-times more click-through rate over other social media platforms. These stats make Snapchat an excellent platform for advertising your products within the demographics mentioned. Overall, this is an ideal platform for brands to express themselves – in 10 seconds or less.

Twitter Video

This platform is almost not worth mentioning, but it’s there even though it also owns Vine. However, This platform allows video lengths of 30 seconds. Twitter Video may not be around for much longer due to other more used platforms.