Social Media Marketing Minneapolis

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Bottom line: Social media marketing is vital to your business. We’ll go over some facts and figures first, then discuss social media strategies we use to get people engaged in your business and generate more new customers.

Incredible Numbers According to Social Media Examiner:

79% of small- to medium-sized businesses surveyed reported they included social media as part of their overall online marketing strategy. Of these businesses:

  • 89% reported an increase of company exposure.
  • 75% had an increase in traffic to their websites.
  • 69% gained better marketplace insight into the demographics who use their products or services.
  • 65% gained more brand loyalty.
  • 61% of these businesses got more new leads.
  • 58% got more visibility in online searches and higher rankings in search results.

More Valuable Facts and Figures Measuring Social Media Strategies

  • 25% – The percent of new customers that 78% of small businesses get from their social networks. In different words, one out of four people has directly connected with these businesses through paid and/or free targeted social media advertising exposure.
  • 27% – The percent of Americans who engage in social media several times a day.
  • 43% – The percent of Facebook users who spend more time online compared to non-Facebook users. Social media helps businesses increase visibility and traffic to their sites.
  • 45% – The percent of adults that check popular brand social media pages. Adults going to the Facebook pages of Samsung, Reebok, Ford, and Nike, for example, show how important social media sites have become to these giants and a good reason you should make social media marketing a significant part of your overall strategy.

The preceding means that you have real customers out there who are heavily engaged in social media and want your products and services. All you have to do is just initiating a social media campaign to reel them in.

In this age of social media communication, business websites aren’t enough anymore. If you don’t have any social media accounts, we will set those up for you. If you already have business social media accounts, we can turn them into customer-gathering machines.

There are Six Types of Social Media

There are several ways to dive into the universe of social media marketing. Some are more effective than others because they will take less money and effort to make an ROI. Some social media networks are impractical for most marketing applications than the free (or inexpensive) exposure you can get from the others. The most popular social networking channels include Facebook, blogs, microblogs like Twitter, and content sharing sites like YouTube. Virtual games and virtual social worlds are the other types but aren’t as famous for the kind of marketing we’re discussing.

Social Networks Are Affordable and Effective

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are by far the most effective and fastest way to communicate with your customers and attract new fans to your brand. For example, your posts instantly appear on their mobile devices, giving you an unprecedented advantage over other marketing methods.

Today, marketing is all about making social connections with current or new customers and various communities or businesses in the industry your products or services represent. It requires genuine personal interaction. In turn, you and your brand will become more credible, and this trust will build more loyal customers, which will result in more significant revenues.

You don’t need to start substantial expensive social media marketing campaigns to make an ROI, but it will take some money. With that said, you can increase traffic to your website or attract new customers by merely mentioning a new or improved product or service on your social timeline. Your posts become personal and timely messages that many people will appreciate and act on. This is something you can’t do with conventional print advertising. For these reasons alone, social media campaigns are the perfect strategy, especially if you’re a small or startup business. However, it takes time to get the word out there. See our section below about building social media ROI.

SEO and Social Media

Although not considered necessary to Google search ranking algorithms, social media marketing helps build “backlinks” to your website. Backlinks building is one of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization. Additionally, when people search to find the content of interest, the connections you build on these social networks and your post content can influence the relevancy and results that appear in these searches.

We Build Your Channels Before You Launch

If you plan on starting a brand new business or product, you’ll want to create your social accounts well before launch. This allows you to begin building networks by providing information about your service or products and connect with others in your niche.

If You Haven’t Set Up Social Accounts Before Launch

If you didn’t take the time to build relationships for your products or services, we work with you to figure out which are the best social platforms work best for your niche. We’ll get your accounts set up correctly, create your ad campaigns to target to right demographics and manage each account.

It’s important to understand and know who the influencers are in your industry and what they’re talking about related to the types of products and services you are offering. It takes time to determine who your target market is on social media. We can help.

Become Part of the Conversation

Part of our commitment to your networking success is joining social media marketing conversations and communities on your behalf. This could include Google Hangouts, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter chats, etc. Also, we adapt the content we write to each platform, which is important because each has a particular style.

We can’t just promote your business; We need to make you part of their communities. We do this by getting people to like and following your social business pages and following related business social pages for your niche. When posting to timelines, about 90% of your content needs to be sharing related content from others, and about 10% spent on promoting your products or services. You won’t gather readers, fans, or listeners if all we do is promote what you’re selling.

Studies show that when you share others’ content, they are more likely to listen to what you’re promoting and be interested enough to engage or share with others. This is one of the ways we help grow your customer base through social media.

How We Increase Your Sales with Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns vary from the regular social media engagement mentioned above. These are focused, highly targeted campaigns whose success can be measured with analytics. Additionally, compared to traditional advertising, social media ads are highly affordable (see pic). There are different kinds of goals you can set for your campaign. These include:

  • Getting feedback about your products or services
  • Building an email list for remarketing campaigns
  • Increasing unique users to your website
  • Improving awareness and engagement of your particular brand
  • Driving website or store sales
  • Getting calls for your services

To measure your campaigns’ results, we integrate specialized tools to your social media marketing accounts to track your metrics. These tools will show who is viewing your posts and responding to them.

We Build 6,000+ Social Signals to Your Site.

Social signals are shares we create from other social media properties linking to your website. These can really “juice up” your site’s exposure throughout these communities. If you would like to jumpstart or improve your audience on social media, contact us!

We Follow Best Practices for Your Social Media Ad Campaigns

1. We ask those who view your social media ads to interact by asking them questions, taking a poll or survey, providing product or service reviews, join in a contest, your email list or visit your website.

2. We engage with people who interact with your campaigns by addressing criticisms quickly and reinforcing positive reactions.

3. We promote your products and services across many social platforms, even if your social media marketing campaign originated on one platform like Facebook.

4. We design and write content that is consistent with the look and feel of your brand.

5. We carefully monitor your ad’s performance and adjust the content if necessary.