Minneapolis Website Design Company

A Minneapolis website design company like ours utilizes our many years of design experience and various skills to produce useful websites in converting potential customers into paying customers.

To Help You Determine if Your Website Needs a Design Makeover, Consider the Following:

Web design is a composite of graphics, markup, CSS, software code, user experience, SEO (search engine optimization), and content. When you hear the term “front-end” of a site, this is the customer-facing part of your site. The “back-end” of your site includes the server, applications, and database.

In the last several years, website design has become a vital part of a business’s overall success. It is not only the company’s face. It must be up to today’s coding standards for functionality, ascetics, content, and usability.

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly and AMP Compliant?

Our team keeps up-to-date with the latest website accessibility standards. This includes the all-important mobile-friendly and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compliance standards from Google.

Mobile-friendly means your site displays on any device properly without compromising the visual quality of the content. See the topic about Responsive Design below for more.

AMP is a page format that allows your webpage content to load faster on mobile devices and typically contains little or no graphic content.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly or AMP compliant, Google is penalizing you by moving it down in search results. You must check your site and, if necessary, get it up to code immediately.

Contact us for an analysis of your website for mobile-friendly standards and Google AMP.

Does Your Website Have a Responsive Design?

Responsive website design has created a whole new way users view web pages on the internet. We can now enjoy cohesive customized functions, display, content, user experience, branding, and design of each site no matter what device we view it on. As experienced web developers and optimizers, we use the same coding to make the area appear and function correctly on desktop, as well as all mobile devices, browsers, and operating systems. This includes text boxes, images, and videos. Additionally, when your site is responsive, potential customers enjoy added functionalities like the ability to click on your site’s displayed phone number to reach you instantly. This is called click-to-call.

If you want more customer engagement, conversion, and retention in today’s marketplace, your website needs to have a responsive design.

Having a responsive website is especially important because, in a prominent announcement on April 21, 2015, Google announced they are giving ranking preference to responsive design sites. In other words, if your site isn’t responsive, it will not appear high in searches like it could if it were responsive.

So, even if your page content is exactly what people are looking for if your site can’t correctly display that content on all devices, your page will be placed lower in the search results, perhaps on page two or three. This results in your competitors, who have responsive website designs, ranking above you, and getting the customers you should be getting. We can fix that for you.

As a business owner, you may be concerned about the cost of converting your site to a responsive design. Be assured that your ROI will be well worth investing in bringing your site up to the necessary standards for Google and other search engine usability requirements. If you want to keep up with the competition, this is vital.

Further, Google also tells us that companies with separate desktop and mobile duplicate websites are far harder for their bots to discover and index. Additionally, every change you perform on one site will also need to be duplicated on the matching companion site. Having one place that adjusts to all devices (responsive) is highly preferred. If your company’s web developer created two areas described above, you should get that resolved quickly.

With that said, if you don’t want to depend on web traffic to help attract and convert new customers or don’t have any competitors, your static non-responsive site may be fine the way it is.

But please remember this when discussing a revamp of your website design: Studies show that if your site is responsive, you can increase new visitors by up to 97% each month. With this fact in hand, if we were to estimate a 5% conversion from website visitors, you can expect up to 5 new clients a month just by converting your site to be responsive. Just think of the impact this increase could have on your company in a year. Contact us today and let us help you attract more new customers!

Don’t Make Potential Customers Wait for Your Site to Load.

Another vital factor to consider when hiring a Minneapolis website design company is when it takes your web page to load. Akamai, a cloud service provider, did a study and found that over 40% of internet users will click away from a website if they can’t access it within 3 seconds. That’s not a very long time.

There are external factors that can affect page load times, including unavailable WiFi and 4G. But the fact remains: In today’s fast-paced environment when people are looking for answers on the web, people don’t have the patience to wait around for your web pages to load.

As an expert Minneapolis website designer, we know how to design and develop your site to selectively load only the essential content needed for fast loading and viewing. Later, pack your other page elements such as pictures and videos. This is called “pre-loading.”

Your Website Design is the Face of Your Company

Website industry experts at Engine Journal showed that 57% of those in their study would not recommend a Minneapolis website design company whose website was not designed well. Also, others’ research shows that 90% of the customers would be more likely to stay on your site and buy if it is visually appealing and user-friendly. This should tell us that an attractive website design should matter a lot because it has an enormous impact on the number of potential new customers we want to attract and ultimately convert.

If your site design hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, it’s most likely not up to code or providing the impact you desire as far as search rankings, ease of access, or attractiveness on all devices.