Local Business Listing Services

Why do you need local business listing services?

The majority of people searching for businesses like yours are doing so online in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Studies show over 60% of these searches are done on mobile devices. 25% of all online searches also include the name of a city or state.

Getting Your Business Listed Locally Helps Build Trust and Get’s You Seen in Searches

If you service customers locally, it’s vital to get your business listed online and get it done correctly. Listing your business is the first and most important thing you should do to build trust and get seen in search results. Minnesota SEO Services are experts in getting your business listed on over 70 online business platforms. We will get the job done right to the point the first time.

Additionally, getting Minnesota local business citations registered is significant for smaller local niches in trades such as excavators, plumbers, and electricians. Some of these service providers don’t have websites, so it becomes vital to get your business registered on as many of these platforms as soon as possible. If you don’t do this, you’re missing out on potential new customers and sales because Google and others don’t know who or where you are.

What We Do as Part of Our Local Business Listing Services

Many established businesses are likely already listed on local platforms like Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. However, your business needs to be claimed on these platforms to help you rank higher where people are searching for you. The first thing we do is go in and claim your business for you. If your business isn’t listed, we create your accounts and get your business verified.

We Claim Your Business on Your Behalf

Getting your business verified typically consists of getting a postcard with a verification code sent to your business address. Some platforms only require a phone call. Whatever process is used, we enter the verification code on each platform. Your business will be pinned on local maps and show as a verified business in searches.

As mentioned earlier, these “mentions” of your business tell search engines like Google and Bing that you are who you say you are and part of the community, which is a good thing. It adds much trust, which is factored in the algorithms these search giants use to determine your listing and website in their rankings.

Note that there are over 70 such platforms we list your business on.

We Optimize Your local business listing

Along with claiming your business on your behalf, we optimize your business listings by including consistent details about your company on each of these platforms. This includes your business address, phone number, business hours, email, website, and short and long business descriptions with text that has your website’s home page keyword embedded. We also add images of your business, personnel, products, and other related images.

Your company information must remain consistent across all business listing platforms. If it’s not, it will confuse search engine bots and cause your website and local listing to rank lower in searches. We make sure all your information is consistent and accurate by fixing improper business information or inputting new or updated information on all platforms.

We Help Get You Positive Business Reviews

Reviews of the products or services you offer are yet another critical element of your business listing that can make your business popular in searches or not. If you don’t have any reviews, you will typically rank lower than a competitor with reviews, even though you know their products or services are lower quality than yours or have received negative feedback. That’s how important getting your customers to leave feedback is to how you rank in searches.

Note: Getting reviews on your social media accounts is very important as well. See how we do it here.

With every item you sell or service you provide, you should include a request for a review. We can help you with this, but you should ask for reviews in your email campaigns, your invoices, contact form, website thank you page, etc.

Unfortunately, your customers can’t leave a review for you on Google, Yahoo, or Bing without having their account. If they have a Google account, for example, all they need to do is type in search of your business’s exact name as it appears in your listing, and it should appear at the right on the results page surrounded by a gray border. You will see a gray button, “Write a review.” Your customer will be prompted to login if they aren’t already.

Some of the best places for your customers to leave reviews are Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Dex Knows, and Angie’s List, to name a few. Your business listing may or may not apply to some of these platforms, depending on your product or service. See below for more about these citation listing sites.

Additionally, Facebook is an excellent place to leave a review. We can help you build your Facebook business page the right way or review and fix if you already have one created. See our social media page info for more.

Even one useful review can bump you above your competitors in the same local niche. Contact us. We will help!

We Optimize Your Website Consistent with Your Business Listings

Here’s where we tie your site and listings together in one consistent format. This is a critical step.

We make sure your local phone number is displayed prominently on your home and landing pages. If you have both toll-free and local phone numbers, we make sure the local number is the prominent listing on your web pages. This is because the online business search platforms look for local phone numbers to help base their rankings.

Further, we also make sure the same address (down to the commas) registered in your business listings is on your website. We also add your open business hours.

If any of your site’s contact elements are images, they will not work for searches. In these cases, we convert your information into search-friendly text.

Additionally, if your business has several locations, we create a landing page for each of them and setup each geo-location with personalized contact information. We also use schema markup on this information. Schema markup parses out each part of the address and phone number into individual cells in Google’s database, turning them into rich text snippets. This process is a tremendous help in ranking your website above your competition because it makes it extremely easy for Google to index and display this information.

We Register Your Business in Local Citation Directories

The algorithms that search engines use consider your business listed on websites that are considered local classified directories. When we do this step, your site will gain popularity, which will boost your local search rankings.

Below are the top sources for local Minnesota citations that are included in our local business listing services: