Internet Marketing Services

When hiring an Internet marketing services provider, you are partnering with a company that promises to optimize your website using various techniques and strategies to attract more new customers to your business. You might be surprised to find out what it actually takes to get your website ranking at the top of the local search engine results.

Effective SEO Internet Marketing Services

We are an online marketing service dedicated to getting your business website ranking on page one in Google. We have powerful strategies that result in more traffic and increasing your customer base to help you generate more revenue.

In today’s advertising and marketing space, practically everyone searches for products and services online. Statistics show they almost never go to page two of the search results before clicking on a link. So, if you’re on page two or three, the chances of your site being clicked on or even seen drop to almost zero. This means your competitors are getting the phone calls because they’re on page one and you’re not. It’s that simple.

This is where our proprietary SEO tools come in. We have a great method of calculating the number of potential new customers and income you’re losing out on it by not being on page one and at the top of search results. Contact us now.

So, what is SEO? Let’s look into some of the processes we perform to get your site ranking on page one in searches?

Site Design

Your site needs to look professional, organized, and be easy to navigate. In most cases, your website is the first view they get of your company. If it looks cheap, too busy, and disorganized, what do you think the first impression a potential customer will have? People will compare the impression they get of your site to your competitors and if you fall short, guess who’s more likely to get the new customer?

We are award-winning designers. If your site needs a facelift and updated coding to current industry best practices, technologies, and web accessibility standards (W3C), we’d be glad to do that for you. We are very good at what we are doing. Read more here.

Mobile Friendly

This is very important: On April 21, 2015, Google made the following announcement: “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT in our search results.” Google changed their algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites over those that aren’t. What this means is, if your website is not completely mobile-friendly, you won’t be getting good search rankings, and, in fact, Google will punish your site, moving you down in the listings while moving those that are mobile-friendly up in rankings.

The good news is, as part of our internet marketing service, we can test your website and make the important changes needed to make it mobile-friendly. Problem solved. Read more here.

Internet marketing services – URL Structure

If your site isn’t ranking well, it could be your URL structure causing the problem.

Let’s say your name is Jack Jones, and you own a plumbing company in Minneapolis, MN. Currently, your web URL is

Now, let’s say a homeowner in Minneapolis all of a sudden breaks a water pipe under her sink. She grabs their mobile phone, gets on Google, and types in a search for “plumber in Mpls.” You can bet, if she doesn’t know you exist, she won’t be typing “Jack Jones plumber.”

If any of your competitor plumber friends have a website, and their URL has the word “Minneapolis” or “Mpls” in it, there’s a very good chance their site will be ranking above yours in the search results, and the homeowner with the broken water pipe will be calling them instead of you. You just lost a new customer and around $200.

If your URL were something like “” or “,” you would have a much better chance of ranking above your competitors and getting more phone calls for your services.

As your online marketing consultant, we can improve your rankings dramatically by developing the right URL structure for your website based on our competitor analysis marketing tools, keyword research, and other factors. Contact us today!

Meta Data

After deciding on a local URL, one of the first things we need to do is optimize the metadata for searches. This includes the page title, page description, and page Schema. Without these elements done properly, your site will not rank well. We included a sample below.

Let’s take a look at the good use of metadata on a site using the example of our site URL: www.MinneapolisExpertPlumber.

Page Title: It’s the large bold line of copy that appears at the top of each search result listing. A good home page title would be “Water Pipe and Faucet Repair in Minneapolis, MN.” A bad home page title would be “Home,” which means nothing to Google for obvious reasons.

Page Description: This appears under the page title in search results. A good page description would be “Licensed and bonded water pipe repair company based in Minneapolis, MN. Also serving St. Paul and surrounding areas.” A bad page description would be something like, “We’re the best at what we do. Trust us.” With this type of description, Google has nothing to go on to describe what the webpage is about, so it will not rank well.

Page Schema: Every page on your website should include your business name, address, and phone number. There are other important areas where your Schema is needed, such as your business listings (see below). In all areas, your Schema needs to match exactly.

If all this technical talking seems a bit confusing, don’t be concerned. That’s why here and have the right marketing tools and expertise to do the job right.

Website Content – Internet marketing services

People don’t have time to dilly-dally around, so your site content needs to get to the point and fast – especially if your site is being viewed on mobile devices. The average time someone spends on a webpage is about 15 seconds. If they don’t read something that grabs their attention, they’re off that page and probably off your site altogether and on to someone else’s. You need compelling content that gives them the information they need.

As part of our Internet marketing service, we have professional writers that can either edit your current site content or rewrite it, as needed.

Also important to note: You need at least 1,000 words on any page that you want to rank in searches. These pages also need to have the right amount of keywords and in the right places within the content. Additionally, your site needs at least 4-5 pages of quality content in order to show Google your site has what it takes to start ranking in searches.


Yet another important factor for ranking your site is keywords. Each page you want to rank should have the main keyword, and they need to relate to the site’s theme. You don’t want a site about plumbing repairs with a page about precious metals, for example. This will confuse Google, and your rankings will go down.

Part of our Internet marketing service includes proprietary software that finds the right low competition high-value keyword for your niche that will get your page ranking at the top of searches.

There’s a special web marketing method we use to find and utilize keywords in the right ways in your content. A word of caution: If your webpage is over-optimized, it will hurt your chances of it ranking high in searches. This is a mistake many internet marketing firms make.

Anchor Text

This is extremely influential to Google. This even includes naked anchors. If it’s done right, this can propel your site listing to the top. We know the formula. When marketing online, this is one of the top elements your site needs, and it has to be done right to be effective.

Contact your Internet marketing service experts at Minnesota internet marketing Services for free website analysis. We’ll show you why your site isn’t ranking higher in searches and show you what you need to do to improve your rankings. If you take the decision to work with us, we’ll show you the ROI you can expect with our web Internet marketing services.

Internet marketing services – Business Listings

One of the first things we start checking is to see if your business is listed and claimed at Google My Business and registered on the dozens of other sites. Having your business registered on these sites can have an immediate impact on your search rankings. This is the first step. If it isn’t done, all the other SEO marketing processes will be diluted, and you won’t get the rankings you need to improve on your customer referrals. Like the other online marketing strategies, there’s a right way and a wrong way to register your business. If it isn’t done correctly, your listings will confuse searches and become a problem. We at Minnesota SEO Services know how to do it right the first time.

If you’d like us to check the accuracy and quantity of your business listings, we can do that for you. Don’t underestimate the importance of this step. This Decision could make or break your chances to get seen in searches.


Backlinks give your website the juice to power it up to the top of Google searches. They add authority to and relevance to your site. Minnesota SEO Services is an Internet marketing services company that have the secrets for getting backlinks from powerful websites and can do it in the right sequence for maximum results. This, along with our other proprietary online marketing strategies, will get your website dominating page one of Google.


We are also award-winning video marketers. Placing embedded videos from your YouTube channel can add a lot of power to your rankings. YouTube is one of the most-searched social sites in the world. We can produce your testimonial, promotional, and company videos at a reasonable rate, and we know how to get them ranking on YouTube and Google.

Try this: Go to Google and type in a search for “social wifi Minnesota” (without the quotes). Last we checked, the two videos we produced for a social wifi company were ranking #2 and #3 in the results. In fact, the company we did web marketing and SEO services for is ranking #1 in the organic results and dominating all but two of all page one results. The website is

That’s what we can do for your business too.

This is a taste of some of the internet marketing services we provide. Web marketing and SEO includes a lot of specialized steps. There aren’t many online advertising agencies or SEO experts that can do what we do in the correct ways.