Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Why should you use social media marketing with Instagram ?

Through photos and quick messages, Instagram lets you reach your target audience, boost customer engagement, and build your brand. The mobile app works with most Smartphones, enabling users to take pictures, apply digital filters to them, and share on the Instagram platform and other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram’s distinctive feature is the photos are confined to a square shape–similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images. The resulting “old school” aesthetic invokes a sense of reminiscence and even fondness for the imagery—rare and unique in the crisp and clean digital world.

The previously mobile-only app is now available online, giving you even more social media real estate for internet marketing your business.

Here are a few methods to use Instagram in your social marketing strategy:

Dial your Profile.

Just like your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profile page, Instagram offers you the same ability to tell your brand’s story online. You can promote many aspects of your company through the collage feature. Choose from products, people, events, etc., to convey your account. Include pictures with calls to action to entice people to visit your website or blog.

Create an editorial calendar for Instagram.

It might seem over the top, but creating an editorial calendar for all your social media profiles will help you keep up your consistency, as well as reduce any sense of overwhelming.

Decide on the frequency of your posting and stick to it. With Instagram, you can post often. Do you want to post once or twice a day? Three times per week? Commit to a schedule that is doable for you, and then tweak it after some time.

A helpful way to organize your calendar is to develop feature themes such as products, customers, employees, events, etc., and then rotate your themes to keep your content fresh.

Host contests using Instagram Social Media Platform.

Photo contests are fun and easy to do on Instagram. Ask people first to follow your brand on Instagram, and then post pictures of anything representing the theme of your contest. Request that contestants use a hashtag such as #BrandNameContestTheme (i.e., #PablosPerfectMoment) so that contest entries can be easily tracked and judged or voted on.

Determine what your winner(s) will receive. Will it be a $25 gift card to your online store? Free coffee? A T-shirt? $500?

Influence engagement.

Just like any other social media site, it’s important to post engaging content regularly. Besides sharing great images, add catchy text too. You may want to add Promo Codes to your image descriptions now and then to increase engagement.

Think about what your audience wants and fine-tune your Instagramming to meet those desires. Do they enjoy free shipping, discounts, exclusive information, to be a featured customer, to see behind the scenes of your business, to find out about your inspirations?

Tell your story.

Think about how you can showcase your brand values through imagery and short captions. Feature the friendly faces of your customers and employees, snapshots of special events, and ordinary moments. Include in your descriptions short recaps, customer quotes, and even reviews.

Promote Your Events Using Social Media.

Instagram can help you attract people to your presentation or booth at a trade show or conference. Utilize hashtags with the event name and your booth number when promoting your event on Instagram, i.e., #YogaCon67. People will appreciate event updates and reminders, as well as your booth number, so they remember where to find you.

Instagram helps provide customers the personal experience with your brand that they are looking for. Your brand will benefit from creating a presence on this platform not only because it will attract customers, but it will also push you to view your business in a new and creative way.