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Voxx landing page

Please choose the monthly or yearly subscription option below and click “Subscribe”. You will be directed to our secure PayPal payment system. No Login required. All major credit cards accepted. Cancel anytime.

After you start your subscription, you will be redirected to our information request form. In order to set up your site, we will need all information filled in and submitted. Please allow up to 5 business days to complete your order. If you are not redirected to this form, please call us at 763-300-5629 and we’ll get the info we need at that time.

What You Get for the Money!

All we need is your information and we take care of the rest including:

  • Custom designed website
  • Domain name purchase, registration and setup
  • Hosting on our VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Server and database configuration
  • Email setup and testing
  • Monthly hosting fee
  • Create, crop, optimize, upload and insert your custom website logo name
  • Insert your phone number on the site
  • Configure the buttons to point to your Voxx store and associate website
  • Monthly site maintenance including updating all plugins and WP site application
  • Site Backup

Your prospects will get only the information they need to make a decision NOW! Click here or on the picture above to see an Associate customization we did and how your’s will look once we insert your own site name and phone number. Your prospects will also be able to buy directly from your Voxx store and go sign up as an Associate from this site.

Call or text Brad at 763-300-5629 with any questions or to give me the info I need to set up your new landing page. Thank you for your business!

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