How We Build and Increase Brand Awareness

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Establishing brand recognition online is critical to your company’s success. A well-established brand helps generate interest and reels in more customers which in turn enhances your sales and profits. We’re not talking only about your company logo. Brand identity encompasses the entire identity of your enterprise and should define what sets you apart from your competitors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products, convincing people to join your cause or getting more subscribers, your potential customers need to know who you are.

With today’s strong competitive market, the authority of your brand is more important than ever. Without it, or if poorly executed, your establishment will simply lag behind the others. Without a doubt, building a brand takes a significant role for the basis of your enterprise. Customers need to be familiar with, and trust, your brand for them to make purchases or recommend it to others.

Many say that development of a brand is one of the more difficult projects almost any business will initiate. Actually, the process really isn’t that hard if you work with a brand management company like ours, who possess the knowledge and methods to get your name known and talked about. We can develop your company’s brand properly. Contact us today and let’s get started!

Objectives for Developing Your Brand

In a nutshell, you want to build relationships and provide a solid foundation on which consumers will entrust your business. Additionally, you want to build brand loyalty and get customer endorsements. Your goal should also be to make local favorites of your services or products. We’ll explain how we do these further down the page. You won’t want to miss it.

Specify Your Brand’s Objectives

Because your objectives are like the wheels you ride on to prosperity, it’s important to have them well defined. Think of these as a pledge to your customers. Your goods or services are a testimony to you carrying out your word. To establish awareness of your brand, you need to be specific the truthful where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Use Imagination with Your Brand Description

Don’t say what everyone else is saying, like “Our brand is unique for its good quality or craftsmanship.” What’s so special about that? When describing your brand, use your imagination. Concentrate on the particular, remarkable features and make it really matter when you lay out your goal.

When going through this exercise, if you’re deep into your company, sometimes it can be difficult to see your unique qualities from the outside in. It often helps to get a marketing expert involved – someone who’s trained to look at your qualities from a consumer’s point of view. You might be surprised what others perceive about your company that you never knew existed.

Don’t Copy the Brand Success of Others

It’s imperative you create an original image for your business. Concentrate on developing a unique identity for the company because, anytime you do like others, you are diluting your own uniqueness. Make your services or products stand out from the rest, especially the closest competitors. You cannot afford to become regarded as a phony, imitation or merely a reproduction of a brand that you want to imitate. Allow your insight and creativity to aid you when looking for something amazing and distinctive to define your brand.

Promote Your Brand with Enthusiasm

You have to love what you’re promoting. Your enthusiasm makes a huge impact on how you feel about your brand. So, be enthusiastic regarding your goals as well as intentions. Care about what you can do and what your brand can do. Don’t do it with apathy; write statements about your brand with passion and conviction. Also hire people who share the same passion and has solid belief in your brand objectives. Make your employees feel they’re part of the brand so they will be passionate when talking to others.

Give Them Valuable Content They Want to Share

This shouldn’t have to be mentioned but, people share what’s interesting to them or what they think others will be interested in. Make sure all content you publish supports your brand. Don’t just crank out content to have something attributed to you, it has to be compelling and useful.

Be Cautious when Using Humor to Define Your Brand

Due to the widely diverse perceptions of the people you want to attract to your brand, humor can be hard to use effectively. With that said, memes can be powerful tools for building your brand if done properly. Also, be careful when planning the use of clickbait. Don’t try these methods if you’re not 100% sure of a positive outcome. If any of these are used poorly, they can produce a negative perception of your brand, which will make difficult to recover from.

Employ Visual Elements to Help Build Your Brand

Images and videos in your content are more likely produce a better reaction with your audience than just straight text. Studies show content with visual elements get 94% more views and keep people engaged in your content longer. If you post on Twitter, use images in your post; you’ll likely get twice as many views.

Find What Worked for Others and Make It Better

When building your brand recognition, a great way to build content that supports your brand is see what has worked for others in the same niche you’re trying build your own brand in. Take their ideas and write your own unique content but make it better.

For example, let’s say you’re a building contractor specializing in fixing flood-prone basements. You find that your competitor has gotten great social media coverage with a blog post entitled, “5 Ways to Fix a Leaky Basement”. With this intel, turn around and write a post entitled, “20 Ways to Fix a Leaky Basement” and use your competitor’s content as a base to write your own unique, more in-depth and compelling content.

So, where can you find well-performing content in your niche? Among our arsenal of tools, we use BuzzSumo. These types of tools allow us to sort by social engagement to find articles we can use as a base to write something better.

Leverage the Influencers to Build Your Own Brand

If you are a relatively new brand that’s not widely known yet, you may have very good content supporting your brand but your message may be getting buried among all the competing messages out there. As you continue to produce great content you’ll eventually build your own brand following but we know how to get you seen faster.

We accelerate your brand recognition by finding the names of influencers in your niche and mentioning them or listing their websites in your content. After your content is published, these people may get notified and they’ll see your content. We also tag their names when sharing your content to your timeline. Additionally, we email each influencer letting them know we mentioned them in our article. The goal is to get the influencer to share your content to their own vast social network. It can take some time to build a relationship like this, but if you’re producing valuable content, you’ll become visible faster with this method.

Paying Social Media Campaigns to Promote Your Brand

Paid campaigns on social platforms may be a good option for building brand recognition. Many businesses have been successful in getting seen, generating leads and increasing user engagement.

How to Build Brand Recognition with Social Media

Your brand’s authority is what converts potential customers into loyal paying customers. One of the best ways to get people recognizing your brand is the smart use of social media. Many companies are becoming aware of this medium. In fact, research by Econsultancy tells us 71% of company brands intend on investing a large part of their marketing budget in social media for building brand reputation and gather new customer loyalty. Additionally, nearly a quarter of Americans engage in social media many times a day. This makes it one of the best avenues for building your brand.

Engage in Social Networks That Are Best Suited for Your Brand

There are 100s of social networks available for building brand recognition, but most aren’t worth the time and effort to deal with. Below, we discuss some of the major social media platforms that you can reference when determining which would support your brand.

Because almost three quarters of American adults use Facebook and there exists an incredibly diverse user base, it’s the best social platform you can use to accelerate brand recognition. Whatever your brand, this is the number one platform.

This is a good platform if your brand is a clothing store of other retailer and you depend on the heavy use of images. Also, if you target young adults or those of ethnicity, Instagram is a good choice.

Studies show that two thirds of this network’s user base are men working in the engineering and technical fields. If you have brand that deals in products such as electronics, gears, motors, solar panels, lights or related, Google+ is a good choice for you.

If your brand is primarily targeting women and you’re selling jewelry, clothing, shoes, purses or related, Pinterest is an excellent platform for reaching them.

If you have a B2B enterprise, LinkedIn is a great choice to boost your brand’s image and connect in the corporate sphere.

Contact us today. We can help build your brand recognition and loyalty.